101 - I Shall Continue - But Here's The Deal

Day 101 - I Shall Continue - But Here's The Deal

OK so I have had some great feedback through post messages, direct messages, emails and so on since my Day 100 - Shall I Continue? post when I asked for your feedback so I shall continue - but here is the deal first


I have lots of exciting topics lined up and will give you a sneak preview of some of those in a moment. Before I do that, however, I want to reiterate that maintaining my blog and constantly researching and putting this material together is REALLY TIME CONSUMING INDEED. I know that everybody reading maybe already knows some of the material I am putting out but there has been a lot that people will have benefitted from and as we go forward there will be much more. All of the material is currently provided free and I only get any financial return if enough people see my posts for some to want to engage my services on a paid basis.


This means I need bigger numbers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, my mailing list and so on because as you probably know already typically around 1-2% of your social media audience might result in a buying customer. All I ask is if you see something useful please like it, comment on it and then share it on as many platforms as you can for me? A few seconds of your time is not a big ask really for all this free material is it? A number of you have done this for me already and I am truly grateful but if more could do it and do it on a regular basis that would be great and it will benefit everybody as it will mean I can keep doing this. In return I will soon be writing about

  • using Google Console to submit websites to search engines
  • the importance of sitemaps
  • how to do SEO well
  • how to do keyword research
  • what are click through rates and how to improve them
  • how to reduce bounce rates (people leaving your site)
  • examining Google Analytics
  • scheduling social media posts
  • dealing with trade
  • optimising Etsy
  • paid advertising
  • podcasts
  • sales and promotions
  • collaborations
  • utilising stories
  • social media highlights
  • and much much more


So what do you say - is it a deal?

If you have found this free advice useful, please return the favour by following me on Instagram or Facebook liking my posts and mentioning me to your friends! Switch on notifications (see Day 40 - How To Get In First) and join my mailing list so you don't miss any posts! Thanks.

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