Day 100 - Is This Useful? Shall I continue?

Day 100 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Day 100 Time To Reflect On My 100 Day Project - Has this been useful? Shall I continue?

OK so that's it day 100 of my 100 day project. Its time to reflect. What have I achieved? Has it been a useful exercise? Where do I go from here?

I started this project in April 2019. I know that is more than 100 days ago but with many projects like the 100 day project the key thing is to complete the project, not always to stick precisely to the timescale. Without bills to pay it would have been easy to complete it in 100 days but if you read through everything you will see that hundreds of hours went into this project not just writing but researching too. It is hard to do that starting with a small audience where it doesn't actually pay the bills so it has taken somewhat longer where I have had to postpone posting many times to concentrate on paid work.

So what did I want to achieve and have I achieved that? Well if you go back to my 1st post on 30th March you will see that I started this project in order not to develop my own art as many artists do starting this project but to think outside the box a little and support other artists in particular my partner Lucy Gell and her teenage daughter Tabatha Gell with promoting their craft online based around my own IT and business background. I wanted to document things necessary in a logical easy to follow way that so that they and other artists could easily follow these steps and make a success of their art business earning a just reward for their creative talents.

I though that by doing this as a project it would create a discipline needed to research and document things and I could see that there were many more very talented artists and makers out there needing similar help but without the budget for consultants, courses, webdesigners and so on that could also benefit. I also knew that the nature of audience building is that there will also be other people in there who want to hire my services to build websites, mailing lists, help with social media and more and by demonstrating my ability I might attract some of them.

So how has that worked out? Well I think it has worked well on many levels. Doing a project forced me to structure this and complete a certain number of things that could so easily have been put off for another day or not done at all if I hadn't. Doing it publicly meant that I needed to research things very well and know what I was talking about. I couldn't just make things up and make a fool of myself. Yes I had ideas already based on experience but I never profess to know everything, I research the web, listen to podcasts, read books, talk to others and so on to extend my knowledge all the time.

I hope I have raised Lucy's profile. I have laid down a path to raise Tabatha's profile but despite her natural talent it is GCSE year this year so she is concentrating on that right now but things are poised and ready for her. I have quickly raised a small audience and paid work in this area is increasing now.

So how about you? When did you come onboard? Did you start there or did you go right back to the beginning to the beginning? Have you found it useful? I have another 100 topics I could write about, 200 or more even. Would you like me to continue? It won't be the 100 day project anymore it might need to be something else? LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK in the comments below? A simple 'yes please' would be great but if you went on to tell me some of the things you would like to read about or even mention this post to a friend that would just be amazing. If there is sufficient demand it will help me to decide where I go from here. Thanks for your support throughout the project whatever stage you came in at and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me your thoughts below!

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