Day 87 - 5 Word Response Rule

Day 87 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - 5 Word Response Rule - why using 5 word or more responses in social media helps

Some of my recent posts have been quite time-consuming to put together so rather than not post as frequently time to slip a quick but very important rule in here - the 5 word comment response rule.

Some people think, naively, that social media is all about creating posts and talking at people. It doesn't take long to realise, however, that that technique just doesn't work. What works is engaging with people and developing relationships with them through social media. It is still important to post regularly because having content with which to engage with people is absolutely necessary, however, when people respond to your posts and comment never ignore that (unless its clearly a spammer in which case just delete the comment perhaps!). Firstly this is simply very rude - if somebody spoke to you verbally would you ignore them? Secondly, if you do ignore it this is a missed opportunity for you and for the exposure of your post. Responding to a comment can lead to a conversation which can lead to a further exchange of information, a collaboration or even a sale. Don't waste it. It is much easier to engage with someone that has already engaged with you than someone who hasn't.

"lovely image"


"thank you, I appreciate that. I love how the greens blend with the blue in the skyline don't you?"


"yes I think you have captured that perfectly. Do you have any similar work in other locations"


"yes actually, did you have a specific location in mind?"



A simple rule to employ is the 5 word response rule - always use at least 5 words in response to any comment on one of your posts. Don't ignore it, don't just do a smiley face or thumbs up emoji or simply say 'thanks', but instead expand with a few more words. 5 words or more lets the person see how much you value their comment, it shows you care, it shows you want to take the time to engage with them. Stimulate a conversation wherever possible by not only acknowledging a comment or answering a question but also by posing a question of your own. This not only helps the person feel valued and want to further develop a relationship with you it also boosts further engagement with your post. Most social media algorithms will view comments and conversations against posts as a sign that a post is worth giving further exposure across the platform. The greater the engagement (likes and comments) the greater your chances of getting more organic exposure on the social media with that post.

Do you have any tips for how to respond to comments about your posts?

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