Day 86 - Why Gift Wrap?

Day 86 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Why Gift Wrap? - reasons to offer a gift wrap service

Many online shopping sites offer a gift wrapping service, not just at Christmas time but throughout the year. But you are a small independent business. You are busy enough with every other hat you need to wear. Why would you consider making yourself another job by offering a gift wrapping service?

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That's probably what most of us think at first until we consider the reasons below why our customers want a gift wrap service

  • adding value - you are a creative, you know what is pleasing to the eye and can probably offer something that adds value to your product making it a more appealing purchase
  • branding and advertising - if someone purchases your product to give to someone else, gift wrapping is a further opportunity for you to create your own branding around the product by creating impact around the wrapping, by using branded tags and gift wrap, slipping in a business card etc potentially converting the recipient to a customer in the longer term
  • direct delivery - if a customer purchases a product from you they may need to pay your postage, wrap the product then pay postage again to send it to the recipient, gift wrapping so that they can have you send it direct is very appealing when purchasing saving the customer time, effort and money
  • last minute orders - as it gets closer to Christmas, birthdays etc customers often only have a small window to order from you, receive, wrap and forward on. By offering gift wrap and direct delivery you extend the time that customers can order from you increasing your sales
gift wrap christmas marketing art craft photography online

Consider introducing gift wrap as an extra service at Christmas like Catherine Edwards and Lucy Gell above but consider keeping it throughout the year. Wrap some empty boxes and take good photos, sell the benefits above to customers on a gift wrap information web page and make it easy to add to any order. Make it affordable but not too cheap so that you keep a balance between everyone ordering it and just those that really need it ordering it.

Do you offer gift wrap? How well does it work?

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