Day 84 - Show Your Newsletter In Social Media

Day 84 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Show Your Newsletter In Social Media - don't let people miss your newsletter just because they haven't subscribed yet

So you have just sent out a newsletter (Day 82 - Your 1st Christmas Newsletter) to 200 newsletter subscribers but you have over 10k social media followers (yes this is more common that you might think). You put a lot of effort into the newsletter but you had minimal success when you emailed it and that confirms your reluctance to focus on email and strengthens your attitude to focus on social media (this is a common theme too!). The truth is you are not comparing like with like here. 200 followers is too small to see any serious results. After all you might see a return in sales of 1% with a good newsletter, 2% with an exceptional one. That's 2 - 4 sales which if they are £1000 piece sales you might be very pleased with but for most, if they are a sub £50 sale you might wonder why you spent the last 2 days creating this copy?

Fear not. This is a marathon not a sprint and the results will get better with every newsletter as your subscriber list grows, just stick with it and have confidence in the process. The focus is to keep growing this list to a size that does work for you.

What you can do, however, to boost your payback is to link to each new newsletter in all your social media accounts. Do a post soon after you send your newsletter. Create an image and some copy that alerts people to the fact that you have just put a newsletter out. Use some teasers that hint at content in the newsletter that people might want to read and then provide a link (ideally from your bio as well as your website perhaps) so that people can read the newsletter in full. Tell people that you are going to link them directly to the newsletter to read it but also encourage them to sign up to your mailing list so that they automatically receive any future newsletters directly to their inbox without the risk of missing anything. Use the usual teasers such as 10% of first online order, invitation to previews, entry to a free prize draw etc to also encourage them to sign up!

If 1% of a 200 subscriber mailing list are prepared to part with hard earned cash to buy your products and / or services imagine how many more social media followers would be happy simply to give you their email address without spending anything just to read your content. If 1% of your 10k following sign up to your newsletter as a result of a post that's another 100 mailing list subscribers, 2% and you double it in size potentially doubling sales returns!

Not all followers will see your post and not all will be ready to sign up there and then so just repeat this process after each newsletter and watch the subscriber numbers increase.

Do you tell your social media followers about your newsletters?

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