Day 82 - Your 1st Christmas Newsletter

Day 82 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Your 1st Christmas Newsletter - how to structure your 1st Christmas newsletter and what to include

You have probably heard me say before how 80% or more of your annual sales is likely to come in the last quarter. You have also probably heard me say (perhaps many times) how important your mailing list is, more so than your social media list in many ways! Newsletters and email in general sit there in your customer's inbox just waiting to be opened. They don't time out or disappear - somebody has to either read or delete them, unlike social media where the social media platform might not even show your post to followers or your followers have been swamped by posts by so many other people they are following that they never get to yours before new posts appear. Social media is great to reach new people but your mailing list is essential to communicate effectively with your customers especially at this time of year.

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So now is the time to make the most of things right at the beginning of November. Once past Halloween people are ready to start hearing about Christmas so get in their early with your 1st Christmas newsletter and that will leave enough time so that you can even get a 2nd one in before Christmas arrives giving you 2 shots at Christmas sales through your mailing list.

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So what should you put in the first one? Well my advice is to structure it like your regular monthly / bimonthly newsletter with some seasonal additions eg.

  • welcome note
  • products update
  • commissions update
  • exhibitions update
  • workshops update
  • last order dates
  • update on winners of recent prize draws
  • any other news

You should use a picture of yourself, make it personal. You are a small independent business with unique products - that is a strength and a reason for people to want to buy from you. Bring people behind the scenes. Let them see you and your studio. Thank them for their support throughout the year.

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This is a Christmas newsletter so you should take care to use images with a Christmas theme. Select products that are specifically aimed at Christmas and highlight them. Take people to the web page that you created in Day 79 Christmas Ideas Web Page and perhaps use a few ideas from there in your newsletter. As with any newsletter keep things as brief as possible. Mention things briefly then provide links to your website where people can find more information about product ranges, individual products or even a blog page that expands on something in your newsletter.

This newsletter is a warm up. Don't go all out with discounts and free delivery yet (unless you provide free delivery all the time - which is becoming popular!) etc, there is time for that in your second Christmas newsletter. If you know any last order dates now though this is the time to announce them, particularly for overseas customers where delivery might take some time and for items which will take a long time to make. Make sure people know how early to order rather than risk losing the order or causing disappointment because you deliver late. Try to get people to order early so that you relieve some of that pressure that you might put yourself under if they order late.

christmas mailing list newsletter marketing art online

If you run workshops Christmas is a great opportunity to sell workshop vouchers either for scheduled group workshops or unique 1:1 experience day workshops. If you haven't already read Day 79 Christmas Ideas Web Page please do so for lots of ideas about how to sell these. If you do commissions it might be too close to Christmas now to complete a commission but that doesn't mean you cannot advertise a commission voucher - something to present on Christmas day and then the recipient can be part of the commission process, selecting photos, ideas for the commission etc then receive the commission in the New Year.

christmas mailing list newsletter marketing craft online

Finally, don't spend the next 2 weeks writing this, get it out now at the beginning of November, then you have another chance in a few weeks time without your newsletters landing too close together. You can put anything you miss into that one.

Have you sent your first Christmas newsletter yet? Did I miss anything?

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