Day 80 - Join My Mailing List

Day 80 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Join My Mailing List - why promote your mailing list in Christmas social media and beyond

This post was going to be about your first Christmas newsletter but as we discovered when we looked at Giveaways recently, with a little more effort around the sides you can make your main effort go much further so I want to do the same here.

In Day 15 - do I need a mailing list I talked about how important your email list is and how many people would say 1 person on your email list is worth 10 or more social media followers. This is especially true as we steer towards the holiday season. There is opportunity in social media and with a big engaged following you are sure to see results from your social media but apply the same effort to a similar email following and the results will be much higher still.

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So before you send your first Christmas newsletter, appeal to your social media followers. Ask them to join your email list. Explain what benefits you are going to offer them for joining which might include a selection of the following and more

  • news about coming holiday offers and promotions
  • more detailed background information about you and your work
  • news about future events and exhibitions
  • free entry into a prize draw
  • 10% thank you discount off their first online order

Use an appealing graphic to grab their attention and use an appealing headline so that they want to read more rather than just dismiss your post as not relevant. Make it easy to join your mailing list. Make it clear on your website and give people clear instructions of how to find it. Go one step further and tell people if they direct message their email address you will even put them on your mailing list for them!

join mailing list marketing art photography craft online

I have a customer with a 16k Facebook following. He is posting similar posts in Instagram and Facebook at this time but while his Instagram following is continuing to grow, Facebook has been slowly declining in recent months. We will be trying to address this in the coming months but the main reason this is happening is not because of his posts but because of the changes Facebook has made to their algorithm which decides who sees which posts. Only a few years back is was much easier to grow a Facebook account organically (without paid promotion) but today that is a very different story and because of such huge numbers grown previously many of these are lost each month simply because people close or change their Facebook accounts without sufficient new ones to replace them leading to a decline unless you pay to promote (which is still a valid strategy and I will look at later but even this is becoming more competitive so your money may not stretch as far as it used to). Facebook statistics also show that the posts are now reaching a much smaller percentage of followers than they previously did.

The Facebook situation demonstrates why it is so important to cultivate your own mailing list. You own your mailing list, nobody else does. Nobody is going to change the algorithm so that suddenly people don't see your emails or numbers suddenly start to fall away. You are in charge. Yes is possible (unlikely but possible) that Mailchimp or whoever are hosting your list could go out of business but the list is yours, you can back it up and you can take it elsewhere. Unlike your Facebook or Instagram following where somebody else owns your list and could remove it any time, your mailing list is your property nobody else's.

So before you send your first Christmas newsletter, before Instagram changes its algorithm further so that it becomes more in line with Facebook's where it favours paid promotion over organic and hides more of your posts, appeal to your followers to join your mailing list. Better still create a batch of these appeal posts and slot them into your social media campaign calendar for the year making an appeal at least every couple of months. Remember even if you appeal 6 times a year all of your following will not see all of your posts so it might take several appeals before people actually see one and further still before they act on it!. Once secured onto your mailing list you have much more reliable means of communication with your following from that point forward! If you haven't yet set up a mailing list check out my post day 16 - setting up a mailing list. You might also find my other mailing list posts useful.

How do you appeal to social media followers to get them onto your mailing list? What techniques do you employ and how well do they work? Have you joined my mailing list yet? (link in bio!)

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