Day 76 - Keeping Up Giveaway Momentum

Day 76 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Keeping Up Giveaway Momentum - How to keep people coming to your giveaway

The main post in your giveaway is a key one to focus on - it is important that you get your image, copy and hashtags right, however, the nature of social media is that whilst it may gain a lot of interest in the first 24 hours, that will quickly die down. You will see some activity over the next few days from people who have been told about the giveaway by their friends but it is important that you do things yourself to keep the momentum going so that the giveaway works hard for you while it is running. This can be achieved by

  • sending a mailing bulletin to people on your mailing list
  • running a countdown in the last few days (4 days to go, 3 days to go, 2 day to go)
  • advertise across platforms
  • advertise across accounts and seek reposts
  • use a story every day and a highlight throughout the giveaway
  • post lots of other things during your giveaway and reference the giveaway in those posts
  • send a strong message before it is about to close (within 24 hours)

Sending A Mailing Bulletin

You have a mailing list use it. Send an email timed if you can for when the giveaway starts to bring people to your post. Make the mail a bulletin rather than long newsletter so that it is entirely focused on your giveaway to get maximum attention. Show the post image that people should look for or link to it in the email. Give some basic details but encourage people to the post to find out more. If you are due a full newsletter around the period mention it there too but a bulletin will make it stand out more.

Running A Countdown

Every post has the opportunity to gain attention. Use it to advertise to different hashtags. You could have a countdown on the image to show days left for example. If you have a choice of several prizes use a different image each time to attract a different type of customer. Be sure if you are doing this though to have several giveaway unrelated posts in your feed. Nobody wants to just see giveaway posts from you so make sure other posts sit in between these.

Advertise Across Platforms

If you are running this in Instagram, for example, remember to mention in it Facebook and Twitter etc over the week or so that you run it to attract people from other platforms.

Advertise Across Accounts And Seek Reposts

I will be posting about multiple accounts in more detail in the future but if you run multiple accounts use the opportunity to mention the giveaway in one account from the other. We have two Podenco's, rescued dogs from Spain, Guapa and Kenia. Each dog has an Instagram account. It's a bit of fun for my partner @lucygell posting about the dog's new lives in there, it helps raise the profile of the rescue centres the dogs came from but there is also an opportunity to occasionally reference material in here from Lucy's main business account as she did recently with her giveaway. 

If you have a partner, friend or colleague who will help promote your post, send them your image and some copy and ask them if they will mention it for you like Guapa and Kenia did here!

Story Every Day And Highlight Throughout Giveaway

I will be talking much more about stories and highlights in the coming weeks. These are areas of Instagram and Facebook that many people under utilise but are so essential to your online marketing. Stories only last for 24 hours but they multiply your chances of getting seen while they are live and your best stories can be highlighted permanently on your profile. Make sure that you have a good story about your giveway as the first highlight on your profile throughout your giveaway week and post a fresh story each day in your story feed to help raise awareness of your giveaway. Remember to remove the giveaway highlight at the end of the giveaway!

Post Lots Of Other Things

People will get bored if all you post about is your giveaway so have lots of other posts planned to go out while your giveaway is running then within those posts add a subtle line or two about the giveaway such the one below at the end of each post


'remember - my giveway is still open until ??/??/??. If you would like to win ?????? and haven't yet entered look for my post labelled 'Giveaway', its quick and simple - good luck'

Send A Strong Message Before You Close

Approximately 24 hours before your giveaway closes have one last big push. Use another strong image, perhaps with a banner and some urgent copy about last chance to enter stressing that the giveaway ends very soon and give the details. Hashtag carefully and post at a time when a lot of your audience is likely to be online to get maximum exposure.

Next post I will be talking about ending the giveaway and drawing a winner.

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Have you tried any of these techniques? How did it go? Did you try anything else?

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