Day 75 - The Main Giveaway Post

Day 75 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - The Main Giveaway Post - What you need to include in the main giveaway post

If you have been following my giveaway posts you will understand from Day 71 Giveaways To Increase Followers why giveaways are an important tool to help market your art, photography or craft online. In Day 72 Giveaway Guidelines I outlined a few guidelines for running giveaways, in Day 73 Announcing Your Giveaway I explained how to lever some extra interest in your giveaway before it even begins. Today I want to focus on the main giveaway post with two great examples from Lucy Gell and Marisa at Milk and Mustard Too.

using a social media giveaway in Instagram Facebook and Twitter to market your art, craft and photography online

Although your giveaway campaign uses several social media posts, the giveaway itself is focused on one single post. This is the post where you need to put all the rules for your giveaway and where you want people to comment and mention their friends so that they get to hear about you and get a chance to enter the giveaway too.


The first thing you need is a good strong image. In Instagram everything is about the image. If people are not drawn in by the image it is unlikely they will look at any text behind the image. Use a strong bright image and add a banner across the image itself indicating that this is a giveaway. Include a strong photo of your prize(s) in your leading image and consider multiple images if there are multiple prizes or even to simply show more detail. Videos also work really well as they bring movement to the screen that draws the eye.

using a social media giveaway in Instagram Facebook and Twitter to market your art, photography and craft online

Say What And Why Quickly

Announce that this is a GIVEAWAY very quickly in the first sentence, remember many viewers will only see the first sentence or two in a preview so they need a reason to click to see more so make that first sentence strong. Use uppercase to highlight key words. Say why you are having one. There are lots of excuses you can use - a followers milestone, launch a new product or range, summer holidays, a business milestone, personal milestone, birthday, national holiday etc. Use a reason to draw attention to a product range if you can.

using a social media giveaway in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market your art, craft and photography online

Say What The Prize Is

You have shown a picture of the prize but describe it briefly. Is it framed, unframed, what size, does it have a value? Keep it brief but use a sentence of two to make the product sound appealing and worth winning. Choose a prize that has wide appeal, something that has already proved popular, appears to have high value but doesn't cost you the earth to produce. Also don't limit yourself to something that people might already have, consider a prize 'package' that might contain several items so that there is something for everyone (this works really well in a group giveaway). Looking at social media insights for the last 12 months or more can quickly help identify this as can looking at sales history at shows, on your website, Etsy shop etc.

using a social media giveaway in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to market your art, craft and photography online

The Rules

Now list the rules of entry. Make these as short as possible using bullet points to make them as clear as possible. You can vary the rules depending on what the goals of your post are but 3 rules that always need to be present to make a giveaway work on Instagram are that to enter you need to be following the account, need to like this post and need to mention this post to at least one friend. Asking for likes and shares or to use any feature of Facebook is against the giveaway contest promotion guidelines on Facebook (although many people do this!) so a rule might be to visit a landing page where you can leave an email address for example. See Day 72 Giveaway Guidelines for further specific rules you can use.

using a social media giveaway in Instagram Facebook and Twitter to market your art, craft and photography online

Other Requirements

As well as clear entry rules ensure that you include other items detailed in Day 72 Giveaway Guidelines such as entry dates, state that the platform is not associated with the giveaway, any restrictions, how and when the winner will be announced. Research some other giveaways in your area and try to find some that appear to have been very successful and consider using some similar hashtags (don't use massive hashtags though, use ones more suited to your own audience size and specific to your niche if possible). Mention that the giveaway is open in this platform in other social media platforms and if you have not already, mention it in a mailing to your mailing list and your website blog.

In my next post I will talk about keeping interest in the giveaway before it closes - stay tuned.

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Have you run a giveway? What percentage growth in followers did you see?

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