Day 71 - Giveaways To Increase Followers

Day 71 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Giveaways To Increase Followers - Make Your Efforts Go Further

You have probably seen many other Instagram accounts running 'giveaways' but how successful are they? Well if you run them well, have sufficient audience and can engage your audience with them the answer is very! People wouldn't keep running them if they were not working for them and if you analyse many successful Instagram accounts in your sector (say 30k followers and upwards) you will find that they run a giveaway every 3-6 months as part of a very successful growth strategy and if you work back through their older posts you will see that giveaways have had a lot to do with their success. Don't be put off by tacky giveaways. These are often set up badly on smaller accounts that don't do as well or attract the wrong audience, don't let them cloud your judgement on this really effective growth tool!

running a giveaway to market your art photography craft online

So what is a giveway and how does it help? Well a giveaway is an opportunity for you to engage with your Instagram audience and grow it by increasing the visibility of your posts through engagement. As you have probably realised by now the Instagram algorithm naturally exposes your posts to a wider audience based on the number of likes and comments it gets (engagement)especially within the first 2 hours of posting! A giveaway is designed to make people want to like your post and comment on it as well as mention it to their friends who hopefully will then also like it and comment on it and in doing so mention it to their friends etc.

So why do people want to like your post, comment on it and mention it to their friends? Simple - because you are giving something away that they want to win for free by simply clicking a few buttons. You are making it part of the rules that they like, comment and mention to their friends to enter. In doing that simple task, however, they bring many more potential customers to your account who have probably never heard of you who ultimately may stay with you and go on to purchase from you whether they win your giveaway or not.

running a giveaway to market your art craft or photography online

So why do this before a busy Christmas period? Because you are about to put a lot of effort in for Christmas. If you can quickly boost your audience before Christmas then the same amount of effort over Christmas will go a lot further because a bigger audience will receive it and you therefore have a bigger opportunity for Christmas sales. By all means run these at other times of the year too but if you haven't run one recently slip one in quickly before Christmas to maximise on your efforts.

So how big a difference will this make? Well that partly depends on how well you run it but also on how big your account is already and how engaged your followers are. Think of it as an opportunity for percentage growth. If you have 10 followers already and you get 10% growth for example that's an extra follower, not worth the effort at all - there are much easier ways to get 10 more followers never mind 1. If you have 100 followers again for an extra 10 it might not be worth it but once you have 1k followers it starts to become a game changer if you can add another 100 followers within a week. Reach 10k followers and the same efforts might achieve 1000 extra followers in a week. The percentage will vary depending on your efforts and audience but wait for a reasonable following to do this or link up with another account that has a reasonable following otherwise you might be disappointed but once you have a sufficient size audience it really helps to grow it much faster.

Over my next few posts I will explain some guidelines for running giveaways and explain step by step how to run one effectively.

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Have you ever run a giveaway or entered one? How did it go?

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