Day 63 - Expanding On Materials

Day 63 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Expanding On Materials - Helping Visitors To Get A True Sense Of Quality Online

In Day 62 - Expanding On Sizes I explained how important it is, when selling to customers who cannot touch and feel your product, to explain and demonstrate size clearly. The same applies to the materials you are using for your product. If you are reading this you probably either create all your products by hand or at least your original by hand. This is often a time consuming process where great skill is required and you take care to use good quality materials to compliment that time and skill level. If you are an artist or photographer and reproduce material you are probably as keen to see your reproduced products in only the finest quality materials.

When selling to customers over a distance it is important to convince them of these fine quality materials. If they cannot touch and feel them then you need to photograph them well with close ups, angle shots, show depth, show paper grain etc. Use text to explain properties of your materials. Are they fade resistant, robust, waterproof, dishwasher proof? Where have the materials been sourced? Have they been ethically sourced? Have you specifically looked for high quality materials? What inspired you to use them? Does the manufacturer have more information about them that you can pass on to your customers?

Consider one or more pages under your 'About' menu to explain different materials. Artists and photographers, for example, might have an 'About Paper Prints' and an 'About Canvas Prints'. These are two quite different products, however, they might also both use the same Giclee printing process which in itself is a high quality printing process that warrants discussion. Again don't clutter the product page with detail but include simple bullet point hyperlinks such as '- available as paper and canvas prints' that link to these extra pages where your customer can read more about the quality of the products that you are producing.

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How do you convey the quality of the materials you use?

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