Day 62 - Expanding On Sizes

Day 62 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Expanding On Sizes - Helping Visitors To Get A True Sense Of Size Online

When a customer purchases one of your products at a show they can very quickly look at the product and get a clear idea of size. When you are marketing your art or craft over the internet, however, you need to work so much harder to convey size information. This can often be achieved by photographing the product both on its own as well as beside a reference object that the viewer will understand the size of such as a sofa, window, vase, a person holding it or wearing it or even a pencil or a ruler.

illustrating size information on your product webpage marketing your art and craft online

These shots can be time consuming to take but they are essential to sell online if you are going to make your customer truly understand your product when they cannot touch and feel it. The shots need to be of good quality, in focus and well lit. Most modern smartphones will be able to do this if you set them up well but do consider using a professional photographer to help if you are not confident with this as you will reap the benefits later.

comparing size information on your product webpage marketing your art and craft online

With art and photography the good news is that you can save yourself a lot of work here. Many of your products should conform to standard sizes (and if they don't then you should seriously start thinking about the advantages of doing that). This means that rather than having to set up a lifestyle shot for every single product you can set up a shot for one or two then as long as you take all your shots square on you can use software such as Photoshop (and other cheaper or free alternatives) to copy and paste other products of the same size into the same shot.

describing size information on your product web page marketing your art and craft online

If a product is available in multiple sizes I would encourage you to take a shot or two that helps to give perspective of the size relationship of the products to each other as well as against other reference objects. To keep everything clean and tidy you could create a separate page for this information such as an 'About Sizes' page under your 'About' menu and you could explain size information in there. In the bullet points beside each product you can simply hyperlink to your sizes page with text such as '- available in various sizes' so that customers can easily access all this extra information if needed without cluttering each product listing.

describing size information on your product webpage marketing your art and craft online

To further clarify size information for customers you might also consider detailing size information diagrammatically. This is particularly important where you are selling art and photography where you might quote an image size and a customer infers this as a frame size or vice versa. Explaining the image, mount and frame size relationships diagrammatically will avoid any confusion.

When selling online also consider international unit differences. Explain sizes in both centimetres and inches or provide a simple conversion chart that customers can use.

describing size information on your product webpage marketing your art and craft online

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How do you convey size information on your website?

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