Day 53 - Contact The Draw Winner

Day 53 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Contact The Draw Winner After Your Show Or Exhibition

In Day 50 - Have A Show Prize Draw I talked about holding a prize draw at your show and then in Day 51 - Record and Respond To Signups I talked about your first communication with the new signups and in Day 52 - Choose A Winner I talked about how you select your winner. It is key that all this is done really quickly immediately after the show so that everything is fresh in people's minds. Today I want to talk about how you notify the winner of the draw, there is much more you can get out of this than you might first think if you follow the next few steps!

If the winner was selected using a business card the chances are you might have a telephone number so use this to make contact as it will be quicker and time is of the essence here, however, if people signed up on a clipboard or online the chance is that you do not have a telephone number so you will have to email instead (don't ask for telephone numbers from customers except during the ordering process as this is an obstacle that will reduce signup numbers that is not necessary and should be avoided).

So if you contact the winner by phone start by congratulating them on winning and establish a few key details from them. You need to ensure that their name is correct (you wouldn't believe some people's handwriting) then obtain their address so that you can post their prize and if you offered a choice of prize identify which product they would like you to send to them and tell them when they are likely to receive their prize (that way if they are likely to be away on holiday etc they can draw it to your attention and you can post it out at a preferred time). Thank them again for entering.

If you contact them by email you want to ensure that your email gets through so concentrate on a strong compelling subject line e.g. 'Art Exhibition Prize Draw Winner'. Use the name of the show or exhibition to make it more personal rather than generic like this so that the winner will remember the show and ensure the email follows right after the show. Create a carefully crafted email that you can copy and paste with some personalisation to make this a simple process along the lines of...

Hi Jane


CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON! Thank you for visiting my stand at the recent ABC Art Exhibition in XYZ Town. I am pleased to tell you that your name has been drawn as the winner in my print prize draw. Thank you so much for taking part and joining my mailing list. Before I can send your prize I need a few basic details from you


- can you confirm I have your correct name details

- can you confirm which print you would like. You can choose any print from my ABC range to a maximum value of £50

- please confirm your address details

- please confirm any special delivery details such as leave with a neighbour etc if you are not in


To receive your prize I need to hear back from you within the next 7 days or I will need to draw another name so I would be very grateful if you could get this information back to me by return then I will contact you again once your prize is on its way to you. Thanks again.


Kind regards


Your Name




Having run a draw many times now I know that many things can go wrong such as people's handwriting being too difficult to read, emails bouncing, people not responding to claim the prize, forgetting to do the draw until much later after the show and so on! It is essential for further steps to work that the winner claims their prize and quickly so be sure to include a line to remind people they must claim their prize within 7 days or you may draw another so that you can continue with your next steps. Hopefully they will claim within 24 hours but if they don't claim until day 8 or even day 14 or later honour it

Email the person again on day 2 or 3 as a reminder if you do not hear from them then give a prize to someone else on day 8 if you still don't get a reply from them in order to keep up your marketing momentum but show some goodwill to the original winner too if they do claim late and you are sure to be rewarded by goodwill on their part if not by future orders then through publicity, recommendation or similar. Remember its a small value investment to you but high perceived value to the customer!

So is that it, get the product ready and send it out? NO NO NO! Don't even ship the product yet. There is a very important step to do URGENTLY before you send it. I will tell you about that in detail tomorrow.

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Do you run a prize draw? How do your winners react?

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