Day 49 - Thankyou Card With Every Show Purchase

Day 49 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Include A Thankyou Card With Every Show Purchase

Ok so you have sold some of your art or craft to a customer at a show or exhibition and you have asked them to join your mailing list and on this occasion they have declined. Well at least you tried to get that repeat business so is that it now? Of course not. There are many ways that you can stay in front of this customer and still get them onto your mailing list even once they have got home leading to many repeat sales in the future.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to slip a business card in the bag with their goods. It's simple, cheap and everybody can do it so if you are not going to do anything else, at least do this small thing. Some cards might go straight in the recycling but you will get some customers that are curious to find out more about you. They might visit your website when they see your card and if you have followed my advice in Day 17 - Add A Popup Signup and have an enticing popup on your website they might still join your mailing list there and often go on to buy something else they saw at the show but didn't buy then but wished they had or something else on your website catches their eye that they didn't notice at the show.

There are better ways, however, with better take-ups than business cards. I would encourage you to go one step further and design something specific to slip into that bag such as a small 'thankyou' card that thanks the customer for their purchase, helps them to understand how valued their custom is by a small business like yours and encourages them to visit your website and sign up to your website, perhaps with an enticement such as 20% off their first online order with you to show your appreciation. This little token is more likely to get their attention and lead to a bigger take-up. A business card might work but also look at postcard size or a small trifold leaflet even.

Consider bulk printing to keep the costs down and carefully craft what you can promote on here ensuring that it will stand the test of time if you print large volumes. The signup and special offer should be prominent but consider mentioning a few product ranges and perhaps workshops too if you run them. Give teasers to get people to find out more by bringing them to your website rather than go into too much detail. Keep it brief and get professional help with the copy, photos and branding if you need it.

Consider every sale to be the beginning of a new relationship even if your customer might take a little coaxing and a few different approaches first before they realise that too and remember it is always easier to sell to someone that you have sold to previously than to a new customer so don't miss this valuable opportunity to start a new relationship.

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What do you pop in with your purchases? How effective is it?

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