Day 48 - Ask Every Purchaser To Join Your Mailing List

Day 48 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Ask Every Purchaser To Join Your Mailing List

You might have heard me say this before and you will hear me say it again and again and again in the future - your mailing list is your most important customer list! (Don't have one yet - see Day 15 - Do I Need A Mailing List and Day 16 - Setting Up A Mailing List). It might not be as big as your Instagram list or your Facebook list but if you grow it the way I show you how to it will be your most important list. You own your mailing list. You control it. You rent space on social media and that can be taken away or changed dramatically at a moment's notice (who remembers the big Facebook changes?). People quickly flick through social media, people digest emails, social media has very limited air time, mailings sit and wait for people to conveniently read them. 1 contact on your mailing list is worth many followers on social media, some say 10 or more, with a good quality list I would say much more. Use the other platforms by all means, take advantage of their strengths but encourage people over to your mailing list from them and other places and you will reap the rewards if you then cultivate it properly.

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More to come on cultivating it later in the project, in the meantime - don't miss out on a huge opportunity at shows and exhibitions. If someone buys your work you already know they are a hot lead. They like your work and will likely buy from you again, possibly over and over, if only you get in front of them again. I hope you already know by now that it is much easier to sell to someone that has bought from you before so seize this opportunity to get them on to your mailing list - don't risk it being the last time you see or hear from them. If they are buying from you at a show or exhibition, ask them if they would like to join your mailing list.

Yes you might feel pushy at first but like all things you get better at this the more you do it. The first thing to do is realise the importance of it - this person might buy from you again once or even several times a year for many years to come, because you keep in touch they will not only buy from you they will recommend you to others friends, family and contacts, even galleries and more customers will grow from there. They won't mind you asking - the worst that can happen is they say 'no thanks'.

So how do you ask? Well that one needs some thought before the show. White down some good reasons and design yourself a script you can use until you get comfortable. Give them reasons, use humour, be lovely and charming not pushy. You could ask them if they would like to win a car, when they say yes tell them you don't have a car but they can win one of your pin badges, a set of cards or a small print if they join your mailing list (I will be going into much more detail about prize draws and how effective they are tomorrow - stay tuned). OK that won't always work and you might not feel comfortable delivering something like that but the point to take away is that humour can disarm before you go in with the ask. 

ask to join mailing list marketing art or craft online

If they express interest in the techniques you use in your work ask them if they would like to join your mailing list so that you can show them some of the techniques in more detail. Maybe they like going to art shows, tell them that by joining your mailing list you can keep them posted about other shows coming up in the area that you will be exhibiting at. What news do you have planned for your mailing list - can you entice them by telling them about it? Do you run workshops? Might they like to hear more about them? Remember these are not cold customers - these people like your work and have just bought some so the chances are that they would like to see more of it if you can present that in the right way to them and at the end of the day they can unsubscribe at any time.

Everyone is different. Find what works for you. What do you get asked about most by customers? What do they want to know? Make a point of going into detail about that and sharing that in your mailing list as well as social media and use it as leverage to get people to sign up.


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Do you ask every customer who purchases to join your mailing list? What techniques can you share?

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