Day 46 - Display Your Website Address On Your Stand

Day 46 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Display Your Website Address On Your Stand

Your website address is an essential piece of your signage at shows alongside your name (or business name) and logo. It is important that people recognise and remember your name and your logo helps to achieve this but your website is the one central place that your own that people can go to in order to find out any more information they need to know about you or about your work.

display web address on stand marketing your art and craft online
Lucy Gell Printmaker & Illustrator

Forget telephone numbers, forget email addresses, forget Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, Linked in accounts and all the rest of that clutter. This is all available on your website (or should be!). Keep it clean, keep it simple. Display your website address prominently, ideally as part of a large banner on the backdrop of your stand but also consider displaying it perhaps on mountboard around your work with smaller labels such as 'www.mysite.com', 'all available on my website', 'more sizes on my website', 'more colours on my website' etc.

You own your website address. You are not renting space on somebody else's platform such Instagram, Facebook, Etsy etc. It will not be taken down like Google+ or falling out of favour with you a year from now due to algorithm changes, new charges etc. People do not need an account to look up your website just a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Signpost people to what you own and then from there you can send them to all the other places that you use and keep that up to date without having to invest in expensive signage each time something changes.  

There are lots of after show sales opportunities so encourage people to visit your website during and after the show. I will be talking more about after show follow-up that so many people are not doing or not doing well enough in a couple of posts time with lots of great tips to share to increase sales immediately after the show. Tell people at the show that everything and more is also available on your website so that when they get home and when they have second thoughts, wish they had not been so rushed and wished they had bought a product they looked at, you still have a chance now and possibly many times afterwards if you stay in touch rather than never seeing or hearing from them again. Get them to sign up to a mailing list (more on that in a couple of posts). A visible online presence at your offline show or exhibition will also make you look more professional and people will take you far more seriously.

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Do you display your website details on your stand at shows? How do you do it?

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