Day 45 - Use An Instagram Nametag On Your Stand

Day 45 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Use An Instagram Nametag On Your Stand To Attract New Followers

Selling your art or craft successfully online is very much about growing a customer list(s) and cultivating that list over time. You should not ignore people that walk away without a sale. You should not forget your customer once they make that sale looking for a new customer. Customers often like to see you or hear about you a few times before they buy, they like to buy from someone that they feel they are getting to know. You need to cultivate your customers and once they buy continue to build on that relationship with them. Help them to get to know you more and see the value of lifetime sales over the single sale. It is so true that it is far easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

To start and grow these relationships it is essential that you get customers and potential customers onto one of your lists be it your mailing list, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc rather than just letting them walk away without or even after a purchase.

A very simple way to get people onto a list is to display an Instagram nametag on your stand. For the older generation amongst you who might not know what one of these is imagine it like a bar code that uniquely identifies you on Instagram. You can print one of these off from your Instagram account and maybe mount it in an A5 frame or stick it to some mount board and display it in one or two prominent locations on your stand.

People who visit your stand and are familiar with this will find it a very convenient to point their phone at it for a couple of seconds to follow you - that's all they have to do! It also tells them you are active on Instagram and gives them a reason to follow you to find out more about you. If your stand is busy you will sometimes see people doing this so they can look you up later rather than push pass the crowds. You should also mention it to every customer that makes a purchase and ask them if they want to join your mailing list or follow you on your Instagram account. Encourage take up, even if the person who follows you never buys from you there is always potential for them mentioning you to others who will as well as supporting you by liking your social media posts which still has value to you.

Creating the nametag is easy, just go to your Instagram account on your computer then click the cog symbol beside the 'edit profile' button to access your settings and choose 'nametag'. 

On the following screen choose your preferred colour scheme then press 'download nametag'.

Once you have downloaded the nametag you can edit it in your favourite graphics software. You can resize it to your preferred size and perhaps add some instructions as in the example above to tell people what it is and what to do although a lot of people will recognise that! Lucy mounts hers in a black A5 frame and hangs it amongst her work which is also hung in black frames.

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Do you display a nametag on your stand? Have you used the technology to follow others?

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