Day 37 - Reach Out To Existing Contacts

Day 37 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Reach Out To Existing Contacts To Grow Your Instagram Account

Starting an Instagram account from scratch can feel like going nowhere fast. It is much easier to accelerate in social media once you have some momentum to start with but starting with a new account can be very disheartening and is one of the main reasons people give up too quickly.

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There is, however, a way to give yourself a bit of a head start and that is by reaching out to all your existing contacts and telling them what you are doing and asking them to support you. Start with your close family and extended family. How many of them would refuse to help your new art or craft business and show support for you by following you on Instagram and clicking 'like' on each post as you make it and leaving the odd word of praise for you? You are not asking for a financial investment from them just a few seconds of their time every day or two, that's no big deal really is it but do they realise how much it will help kickstart what you are doing in social media? If you are a young artist like @tabathagell reach out to your school friends too! 

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If you have a Facebook account, contact all your Facebook friends, tell them what you are doing over on Instagram and invite them to come and follow you there. As Instagram is owned by Facebook your Instagram account might even show you an option to do that. If you already have a mailing list then write to everyone on your mailing list inviting them. Do you know any fellow artists? Contact them and ask them to follow you. Do you have other contacts such as galleries, suppliers and so on? At this early stage every new follower helps and each follower will often recommend you bringing more followers so every one counts. To start getting any momentum on Instagram you need to be hitting 30 or 50 likes per post then your following will start to increase slowly. At 100 likes per post average you will start to move much quicker and at 1000 likes per post things really will start steaming ahead. This is all because you start hitting the 'top posts' row on some of your hashtags which starts to increase the exposure on those hashtags by making you more visible for longer. On busier hashtags it might only be for an hour or two but on smaller hashtags you could stay there for days or even weeks but until your likes per post start getting to reasonable numbers it is hard to make any headway by posting alone!

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So go on. If you don't ask you don't get as they say but its not asking a lot of people who already know and want to support you. In later posts I will talk about other techniques that will also help you to get the momentum you need to start growing your account.

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How did you get your account off the ground? What techniques did you use and how long did it take to grow a reasonable following that made a difference?

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