Day 35 - What To Include In Your First Post

Day 35 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - What To Include In Your First Instagram Post

Some of you might just need to humour me with this one. Remember this project is about a new artist starting off on a new career with new website, new social media accounts and so on so some of it might not apply to everyone but you might still find a few useful points. In Day 23 - Create An Instagram Account I spoke about whether or not you should continue an existing Instagram account or whether it might be better to start afresh. If you are new to Instagram or starting a new account then this applies to you more as you might be about to do your first post. Some points still apply, however, regardless of how long you have been posting!

your 1st Instagram post marketing your art or craft business online

The first thing to say is that you should not overthink your first post or any post. Yes occasionally in social media a single post might go viral but most of the time this is not the case. You will find some posts will be stronger than others and over time you will start to recognise what styles and techniques work best for you to maximise your engagement but until then concentrate on posting regularly with varied content and without taking too long. Yes put some thought into your first post, check your spelling and make sure your image is in focus and that you remember to use some hashtags but this is going to be a long haul, it will take months to grow a small following and a couple of years to grow a large one even if you do everything right. Don't overthink your posts and spend hours on them only to find you get 1 new follower for all your efforts!

If you are starting with a fresh account, use your first post as an opportunity to introduce yourself. Show a photo of yourself and perhaps a typical popular piece of your work and welcome new followers telling them who you are, what kind of work you do, what inspires you and what people are likely to see from you in the coming weeks and months if they choose to follow you. Expand on the content of your profile but keep it reasonably short and simple to avoid people that don't know you yet just switching off because it is too lengthy and use some good hashtags as detailed in Day 34 - What Hashtags To Use. Also make sure your profile in is good order as detailed in Day 25 - Create A Good Profile before making that first post.

Think about when to post as detailed in Day 28 - When To Post to gain maximum exposure. Once you have posted be patient. It will take time. Typically you might get 2-3 new followers with each new post on its own in the early days (that will increase considerably later don't worry) but I am going to explain a few techniques to help improve that over the next few days to help speed things up. Don't get disillusioned as it is so easy to do in these early stages. Things will speed up but it takes time and regular posting first. Remember Day 27 - How Often To Post and Day 33 - Planning Your Posts and start getting your next posts ready to go without getting too hung up on the results of this one!

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What did you say in your first post?

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