Day 32 - What Is Your Goal?

Day 32 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - What Is Your Goal for your Instagram Post?

Every post you make must have a primary goal. You probably have lots of goals like get lots of likes, get people to follow you, get people to go to your website, get people to join your mailing list, get people to buy from you, get people to come on your workshops, get feedback from people. Whilst these are all very valid goals it is far too much for people to take in and you risk posting far too much information if you try to cover everything. Concentrate on one single goal with every post. That way you are much more focused on what you are posting. If you are asking for a single request then people are going to be much clearer about what you are looking for and much more likely to honour your request

'Buy my product or else' doesn't work unfortunately. You need to be much more subtle. Show the product and maybe ask them to follow a link to find out more about it. Your goal is therefore to get them to follow that link. If your goal is to increase your following maybe you could ask people to mention you to friends or hold a giveaway (more on that later!). If you goal is to get people to book a workshop work on getting them to the workshop page on your website then the goal of that page is to get them to book or maybe sign up to a workshop mailing list perhaps. Remember Instagram is very different to your website. It needs to be quick and easy in Instagram then once you get them to your website you can hold their attention easier and work harder on them. Get them onto a mailing list and you can cultivate customers slowly over time.

When planning your posts start by planning your goals for each post. Like your feed mix them up to keep them interesting. You might have one large goal that you can break down into several smaller goals covering several posts. My goal for this project was to show artists and makers how to help themselves to market online. I broke this down into smaller goals to inform them about identifying who they are and what they do, creating a simple first website using that information, posting on social media, building an online shop and so on. This post is part of the 'social media - getting ready to post on Instagram' stage. My goal is to draw people to my website to read the detailed posts and I have placed things around the content to encourage people to follow me and sign up to my mailing. I want to build relationships by giving free advice. Ultimately my goal is that some of those people might then want to take things further with me, for many it will simply be a free ride but hopefully that will encourage people to tell lots of other people about me and we will all grow from the experience!

Once you have a goal in mind finding an image and putting some text together comes much easier. Start by creating a list of goals that you can address in your posts. It might be a short simple list to start with and will expand as you become more experienced. Don't be too specific in your goals. Ideally you should be able to come up with several ideas for different posts that address those goals. Here is a simple example to get you started

  • tell people about me
  • tell people about my products
  • show people my processes
  • ask people to join my mailing list
  • ask people to come to my shows
  • ask people to come on my workshops
  • get people to engage with me
  • research
  • grow my following
  • commemorate special occasions
  • celebrate milestones

You probably get the idea but expand this list over time and keep it handy. Tomorrow I will talk about planning your posts based around these goals.

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What goals do you frequently use in your posts?

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