Day 30 - How Am I Doing?

Day 30 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - How Am I Doing?

Hello! Is there anybody out there? I am on day 30 of my 100 Day Project. I know that I have put a lot of useful information out already with lots more still to come and I think a lot of people are reading from my web statistics but not everyone is liking or following my posts or feeding back to me. Am I wasting my time?

This is a fairly typical experience when you first start posting. Because you have few followers to start with your posts don't receive much engagement (likes, comments and follows) compared to other posts from more established Instagrammers. That in itself means that the Instagram algorithm will show your posts to fewer people making it even harder to grow.

But don't despair. Over the next few days I will suggest a few techniques that will help you to pick up some momentum. So here is the first. Tell me how I am doing? Are you enjoying my posts? Are you finding them useful? If you are it takes no effort to like my post, follow my account or even join my mailing list to return the favour for the time I have put in. So far it has taken me an hour or two a day to create these posts. Nobody pays me for that time and I am not charging anything for the information so come on, help me out here. Like all my posts that you have found useful so far, make sure you are following my account so you don't miss out on anything still to come, comment to tell me what you think, ask further questions or share your experiences. Oh and maybe join that mailing list if you want to!

If this helps me it should help you too. Talk to your own audience. Get them to engage with you. Ask them questions in most of your posts don't just talk at them. Engage with them and when Instagram sees that engagement it will help you by showing your posts to more people if it thinks they are popular and interesting. You might even get feedback that tells you where you are going wrong and to help you improve what you are doing! Ok - I am waiting, now its your turn don't disappoint me - I have a long list of ideas but what have you enjoyed most and what would you like to see coming up?

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