Day 27 - How Often To Post

Day 27 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - How Often To Post In Instagram

In Day 26 - Who To Follow First I asked you to identify people you felt are doing really well and to follow them. If like Tabatha you are using a new Instagram account it should be easy over the next few days to follow the posts from those people and identify some of the characteristics I am going to talk about over the next few days. Resist the temptation to post if you can but instead get a feel for what you would like to post. If you get the temptation to post just take a photo for later and write down your ideas in a planner. You can still post it later but holding back a few days while we learn more means you will post much more effectively and achieve more with that post. I know planning is a difficult concept for many creatives but it will really benefit you in the longer term.

So how often should you post? There is no definitive answer here it is down to your own circumstances, time and goals. What I would say is that consistency is key. Long gaps in posting will do you no favours at all and to grow to numbers that mean something on Instagram and actually start to bring regular sales in is down to a number of things including consistent regular posting. Many people aim to post 1 to 3 times per day. People posting 3 times per day might grow their accounts quicker but they are probably larger businesses with multiple staff to share the load. As a creative you often work alone and once per day is challenging enough. Don't be worried that daily or more posting will turn people away - it will gain more followers than it will lose! Your posts will not get in front of all your followers, they often won't see them all and the ones that do really want to and are receiving them all because they have liked them all and the Instagram algorithm is therefore putting them ahead of other people they follow thinking they are more relevant.

The second things I would say is only do what you can keep up with. Don't start daily and tail off, start with what you can keep up with even if that is only a post every 2 or 3 days. You won't grow your account as quickly but you will grow it. The third piece of advice is do not put quantity above quality. Don't put poor photos up or poor text because you are rushing to fulfil your post quota. Take you time and do it well.

So in summary - try to post daily if you can. Be consistent and don't trail off and maintain quality over quantity - avoid rushing out poor quality photos and text on your posts! Don't worry about what you are going to post, we will cover that over the coming days.

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How often do you post and why?

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