Day 23 - Create An Instagram Account

Day 23 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Create An Instagram Account

So you need to create an Instagram account but how do you get it right first time? There are several steps you should go through to get things right before you start posting. Like anything you want to create the best first impression and there are different types of Instagram accounts so you need to choose the right one. 

create an instagram account to market your art or craft online

You should also be thinking at this point do I want to carry my existing Instagram account forward or would I create a much better first impression if I simply start again? People are expecting to see a level of professionalism in your account. You might have that in your recent posts but what about all those photos down at the pub a couple of years back, family shots, or the all too familiar shots of plates of food!

create an instagram account to market your art or craft online

Tabatha has opted to go for a completely new account. She has been running a personal account for a number of months was has accumulated a number of followers from school friends as well as friends she has met in the art world but she has made a good decision to start afresh with a new feed purely dedicated to her work. She can advertise the new account in her old feed and hopefully most followers will come across to the new one but the new one is likely to create a much better first impression and be more attractive to new followers.

create an instagram account to market your art or craft online

So the first step is to visit www.instagram.com and select 'sign up'. If you are already logged in you may need to 'switch accounts' in order to access the sign up page. To sign up you need either an email address or mobile phone number, your name and a user name. If you already have an Instagram account under your email address you may need to use your mobile phone number this time or vice versa. Your name is fairly self explanatory, however, take great care with your user name. Ideally you need to use what you chose in Day 1 - Choose A Name and Day 8 - Choose A Domain Name but you may find that taken or already attached to your previous account. 

Instagram will let you change your name so you could try changing it in your old account in the hope you can free it up or add a word such as 'Art' to the end to make it slightly different. You might even revert to using your old account but deleting lots of posts to create a more professional feed. Tabatha chose www.tabathagell.com for her domain (which we will connect later in the project) and TabathaGell was free in Instagram so she has used that as her new username.

create an instagram account to market your art or craft online 4

At this point you can now add a profile picture. This helps people know whether they have found the correct account, particularly when there are several account names that sound similar. Some people will use a photo of themselves, others will use a logo or even a product photo. The important thing here is consistency. This is your branding and the purpose is to recognise the account. Whatever you use should be consistent across your brand on your Instagram account, Facebook account, website, business card etc. You can change it later but just be consistent across all these areas when you change it. Tabatha is using her logo for now.

So now you have an Instagram account. But don't start posting yet there is still a lot to learn. Tomorrow I will talk about whether you should stick with this private Instagram account or convert it to a business account. Then I will show you how to research other people to learn from them before setting up other key details such as a good profile before I get into the ins and outs of posting more effectively.

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