Day 22 - Why Use Instagram?

Day 22 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Why Use Instagram?

Hopefully in Day 21 - Why Use Social Media I convinced you of the need for social media in your internet marketing strategy so why focus on Instagram initially? Instagram is based on a visual feed. People browse images. If they see images they like they click on them to read more about them. How does this compare to showing your work at an exhibition? People go to the exhibitions they like, be it general art, printmaking, pottery, textile or whatever. They choose different styles - modern, contemporary, vintage, affordable, luxury etc. They follow recommendations from other people that like similar things to them. Instagram gives you the ability to carefully place up to 30 hashtags against each post to describe what that post is about. People will be drawn in by these hashtags as well as recommendations from other Instagram users. See the similarity? People look at your stand at an exhibition and dozens of stands around you. They home in on products they like then take a closer look. But how many people walk past your stand and pick a product up or look closely? Tens? Hundreds? Is that every day or once a week or less? Imagine if you could bring thousands of people every day 24/7 365 days of the year to your Instagram posts! In Feb 2019 there were over 500 million Instagram users active daily!

instagram marketing your art or craft business onlin

That is the power of Instagram if you can do it well. But doesn't your website do that already? Well no, not really. If your website is optimised well (more about that later in the project) then people might enter some keywords in Google, for example, and they might find you but even if you are on the first page they find text about you to draw them in, not images which can be much more powerful, and they have to be searching in the first place. Numbers are also likely to be lower. With Instagram people just log in and they are presented with images that the Instagram algorithm thinks they might like. Position yours well and there will be lots of bursts of exposure with each post especially if you can build up an army of loyal followers (ie people that Instagram will regularly present your posts to)!

instagram marketing your art or craft business onlin

It isn't all plain sailing though. Before you can get to that level there are lots of things to learn. What are the goals for a post? How do you post? What do you post? When do you post? What are hashtags and why should you use them? How many to use? Why do people ask questions? What are influencers? Who are collaborators? What are challenges? What are stories, highlights, bios and why are they important? Why is the top row so important and how do you get there? How long will it take?

I intend to address each of these topics and more over the next few days. Stay tuned!

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