Day 21 - Why Use Social Media?

Day 21 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Why Use Social Media?

Hopefully if you are reading this then you have some idea why you need to be using social media? The chances are you saw something about this project in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and then came to my website to find out more? In a nutshell that is why! Putting out feelers across social media helped me to reach you and then brought you to my website and it can do exactly the same for you and your website.

social media to market your art or craft business

If you have been selling art and craft for a long time you will have noticed lots of changes. Things have got harder out there. There are more shows, more exhibitors and fewer customers at many shows. Competition is increasing and the economic climate is restricting spending but people are also spending differently. Everybody has a mobile phone these days and people shop for groceries online, they shop for other goods online often searching for the best price first and people are now buying lots of art and craft online. How many corner shops have gone out of business in recent years? Then high street shops? Who checks out Amazon before the high street these days? If you are following this project so far you probably know that already and are trying to compensate for that by selling more online but how does social media come into it?

social media to market your art or craft business

Social media forms an important piece of your online marketing strategy. Only a few years ago you would have had to pay hundreds of pounds to reach a large enough audience to stimulate sales with an advertising campaign. Often way beyond the means of a solo business. Today you can do this for free using social media. You can reach thousands of people all over the world every day if you do it well and you only have to look to see that lots of your competition are already doing just that so you need to get on with it to avoid being left behind. You can target your efforts well through social media using hashtags and many other techniques and you can also research what everybody else is doing and learn from them as social media is so transparent - why invent the wheel yourself when somebody else has already done it for you! Even if you are not selling online, social media helps spread the word and can drive people to your shows, your galleries, your workshops and other events.

social media to market your art or craft business

So where do you start? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linked In … it all seems overwhelming initially especially if you are new to it all. The truth is that they can all play a part but to different degrees for you as they all work slightly differently to each other. Everybody knows, for example, that YouTube specialises in videos, Facebook is great for chat, Instagram is very visual and so on but my advice at this point is that if you are going to pick one to help market your art or craft then start with Instagram. With Instagram it is the image that draws people in and hopefully being about art or craft you can create great images to interest people and draw them in! We can come back to the others later in the project.

There are, however, a number of things to think about and over the next few days I am going to suggest a few ways that will help with your Instagram posting then further down the line I will come back to the other platforms too and show you some tricks about how to post to multiple platforms simultaneously saving lots of work but creating much more exposure!

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How has social media helped your art or craft business? Which do you use?

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