Day 18 - Get People To Subscribe

Day 18 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Get People To Subscribe

On Day 15 - Do I Need A Mailing List I talked about how important your emailing list is and how smaller numbers are as valuable as some of the larger numbers you might be seeing on social media. So how do you get people to subscribe? Why would they want to sign up and receive more email when they are already receiving lots of unwanted emails in this age of spam and junk mail? 

Well understanding that and coming up with compelling reasons for them to sign up is one part of making growing your mailing list successful. You can just ask people to join your mailing list and because they like you and your product they might join and you will get some growth but to really grow it you should offer something to people. People are much more likely to join if they are expecting something in return.

One effective way to get people onto your mailing list is by holding a prize draw. Think of a product you produce that is really popular with customers. Choose a product that you can easily replace and does not cost you too much to make. As an artist, for example, don't use an original painting, but maybe use a fine art print of one of your originals that you might retail for £100 perhaps but maybe only costs you £15 to print plus £5 to post. That is a £20 cost to attract maybe 200-300 subscribers over a period of months. Advertise the draw at shows as well as on your website. Advertise it in a prominent position at eye level on your stand, maybe even with 2 sign up forms if you have a big stand. Customers will jump at the chance of winning a £100 value print that they like by simply giving an email address. If you can offer 'a print of your choice' that is even better but be careful with limited editions so that you do not give away all your editions of you best image for free! Over time some subscribers will unsubscribe because they didn't win and do not want to be bothered again but many will stay and purchase from you time and time again. Its fine for people to unsubscribe as long as you keep interested customers subscribed. A small mailing list is fine as long as it is a quality list. A large poor quality list is not what you need here and will incur more cost to you ultimately.

With data protection laws you cannot just add people to your mailing list, even if they buy from you. You need their permission to do this so entice them before they place an order. Offer customers 10% off their first order if they sign up to your mailing list then they sign up before they order and you send them a discount code as soon as they sign up so that they can redeem the discount (more about that later in the project). When you send an order out to them remind them about signing up to your mailing list if they have not already done so. Tell them what they will get if they sign up to your mailing list. Will they hear about new products before everyone else? Will they the first chance at workshop places? Will they get to hear about sales and special promotions? Will they get to hear about where you are exhibiting? Might they win something? Will they receive special information from you? Will they be given access to download something? The more enticing the offer the more likely they are to subscribe but tell them about what they can get at every opportunity at shows, on your website in social media and remember to keep telling them.

Use every opportunity to get people to join your mailing list - have a sign up at shows, a pop form on your web site, button links throughout your website (use a button in the footer of every page as well as focal points in other pages), on your business card, on your brochures. Remind people to sign up on your social media accounts every few months and more. How do you get people to subscribe?

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How do you get people to join your mailing list?

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