Day 17 - Add A Popup Signup

Day 17 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Add A Popup Signup To Your Website

Sometimes people need a little encouragement to sign up to your mailing list. One way to do this is by making a sign up form pop up whilst they are browsing your website. You have probably seen one of these when you have visited other websites. By popping up they make you stop what you are doing and think about whether you want to join their mailing list. Obviously whether you do or not depends on how enticing an offer they have presented you with or how strongly you feel about the website and its material but many website visitors that would not otherwise sign up at that point will sign up this way.

The important thing with this idea is that you do not pop a form up every time that somebody visits your website. That would just be very annoying and would make it a poor browsing experience for the visitor and possibly even turn them away from using your website and its material. The good news is that if you chose to use Mailchimp in Day 16 - Setting Up A Mailing List then it is very easy to integrate a popup sign up form into your website and to control it so that it only ever displays once for each new visitor to your website on each different device or browser that they use to access your website. It will not keep coming up over and over again and just become annoying for them. You can also set it to trigger either immediately, after a certain period of time or once the visitor has scrolled to the bottom of the page ensuring that you are sure that they are engaging with your content before you pop the form up.

To add the popup form from Mailchimp go to 'Audience' in Mailchimp and select 'Manage Audience' and then 'Sign Up Forms'. Now select 'Subscriber Popup' where you will be able to design your popup form. Use the 'fields' tab to turn on the fields that you want to appear in the form (ideally the same ones you chose for your main form earlier) and set which fields must be completed. On the 'content' tab add a header image and some text to encourage people to sign up (see tomorrows post for some ideas) then on the 'design' tab use the 'display' option to set when you want the popup form to trigger.

Finally when you are happy with your form click the 'publish' button at the bottom of the page then press 'view' to see the code for your popup form. Copy this code to your Windows clipboard then if you decided to create a Jimdo website in Day 9 - Create Your First Website log in to your website, choose 'menu', 'settings', 'edit head' and then post the popup code into that area so that it will popup for website visitors. (Note because it uses cookies to remember whether it has already popped up for you already when you are testing, if it has already popped up once for you then try another browser or other device or clear your browser's cookies to make it popup again as it is designed to only popup once!)

Tune in tomorrow for some more ideas about how to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list.

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Do you have a popup signup and is it effective?

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