Day 5 - Do You Need To Rethink?

Day 5 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Do You Need To Rethink?

If you have got this far with me that is great. Hopefully you have had a lot to think about so far before we go much further do you need to rethink anything?


- on day 1 you chose a name

- on day 2 you created a single line that concisely identifies what you do

- on day 3 you worked out your unique selling points.


On day 4, however, you hopefully spent a long time looking at others doing similar things to you and hopefully doing this really well from the evidence you found. Did anything make you think twice about what you want to do, how you are doing it or how you started off describing yourself?

Use this day as an opportunity to review things. Is your project still feasible? Do you need to modify it? Look at what you wrote and what other people you have found have written about themselves. Please don't blatantly copy anything but do take ideas and combine them with your own to create something new that you are happy with to take further into this project and don't make the common mistake of not coming back to it. Review things throughoyt starting your art or craft business then every year throughout the life of your business. Things will constantly evolve, they will never be finished and can always be improved. Use your time wisely though, don't get so bogged down so that you never move forward either!

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Did you rethink anything?

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