Day 3 - What Are Your Unique Selling Points?

Day 3 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - What Are Your USPs (Unique Selling Points)?

What are you your unique selling points (USPs)? Another one to focus you and focus your customers and something to lead with very quickly on your website and promotional material. What is special about you? What do you do differently to everyone else? What is the advantage of your product? Hopefully you can list several and then pick out 2 or 3 and expand them across 2 or 3 lines. If you can recognise them it will help focus you to keep making products that fit that mould and if your customers recognise them it will help them to buy from you. Don't be shy. Most of us don't want to blow our own trumpet but these are really important if you can put them across well with careful thought.

Lucy Gell My prints are designed to make you smile whether you are old or young. I use 3 main ingredients in every product 'a bucketful of care', 'lashings of humour' and a 'sprinkling of madness'!

Clare Allan Art Although I work from observation, I am not interested in making a literal representation of what I see. I often distort perspective and combine several viewpoints  to describe a certain place and how it feels to be there.  I use artistic license to get the most out of a composition

CE Leather Goods Over 25 years experience producing fine quality unique hand made leather goods

Sarah Mitch I work with my own photographic images to create bold individual canvases capturing the ever-changing urban landscape. My focus is on the contrasting patterns, colours and textures of today’s cities and towns. Light and buildings have always fascinated me and my aim is to try and capture the art of the every day, underscored with a sense of humour!

Tabatha (15 years old) came up with this first attempt - I am only 15, self taught and at the beginning of my career in a miraculous industry of art! My work covers a range of both jewellery and illustration; working in a range of mediums with an illustrative focus on proportion, colour and contrast. Each design is unique and delicately crafted. 

I cannot wait to show more of Tabatha's work later in the project. What are your unique selling points? Describe why your work will be different and stand out? Keep this safe you will need it later.

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What are your unique selling points?

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