Day 2 - Define What You Do

Day 2 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Define What You Do

This may sound like stating the obvious but clearly defining what you do both helps you to stay focused but also quickly informs your customers what you do before they decide to invest more of their time looking at what you do. Can you define that in a single line though and make it interesting? You might have heard the term 'tag line' used by marketeers. Sometimes this can be used to great effect and can be even more memorable than a business name. Look at Apple with 'Think Different', BMW and 'Designed for driving pleasure'. How many banks were there in the UK in the 1980's, all doing very much the same thing but a bet most people remember the phrase 'the listening bank' used so effectively by The Midland Bank in a lot of their advertising material, constantly used beside their name.


Come up with a single line that defines you and what you do that you can use beside your name as much as possible. Again short, snappy and memorable are great if you can. Identify something unique about you? Something your customers love about you or want from you? What makes you stand out. When we start looking at websites later it will be the first thing people see after your business name and perhaps an image or 2 of your products so make it count.


Some examples


Stitched Ceramics - Handcrafted Porcelain With a Twist

Lucy Gell Illustrator Printmaker - Fun and Humorous Animal Prints

Charlotte Whitmore Contemporary Jewellery - Unique Handmade Jewellery

Clare Allan Art - Unique Fine Art Landscapes and Street Scenes

CE Leathergoods - Catherine Edwards Luxury Leather Goods Designer Maker

Marie Therese King Batik Artist - Exquisite Batik Paintings and Sandblasted Glass
Inspired By Nature

Tabatha Creates - Intricate and Aesthetic Creations From Jewellery To Illustration

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What do you do?

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