Day 73 - Announcing Your Giveaway

Day 73 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Announcing Your Giveaway - How You Announce Your Giveaway To Get Maximum Exposure

Over my last couple of posts I have explained about running a social media giveaway, now you know the basics, how do you go about it? How do you expose it so that you get enough eyes on it before it is all over and done?

The giveaway is a short term thing. You need it to run for only a few days in order to capture people's interest but long enough that people get to hear about it and enter. I recommend a few days. Maybe start with 7 days but experiment with future ones that are shorter still?

As you have probably realised now, for some time Facebook have restricted which post people see otherwise why would people pay to advertise on there. The same is happening on Instagram. The good news is you can still get seen organically (without paying) you just need to post more frequently and to generate good engagement with your posts. You can pay to make your giveaway go further but I will cover this advanced topic later in the project.

In order to make your giveaway work in such a small space of time, therefore, you need a series of carefully planned announcements in social media as well as your blog, newsletter, website, Etsy shop etc to tell people it is happening (I only recommend a single newsletter announcement to avoid unsubscribes although you should add the results in your next planned newsletter). In social media I recommend at least the following posts

  • post to say that you are running a giveaway soon (create anticipation)
  • post again to say when the giveaway will be begin (announcement)
  • post again to announce the giveaway along with all your rules (the main post)
  • post again to remind people that it is the last chance to enter the giveaway (last chance)
  • post again to announce the winner (result)
  • post again with a testimonial and photograph of the winner if possible

That's 6 posts which can all potentially have a different set of 30 hashtags to find new followers from different areas. 4 attempts to lever an entry from your existing audience and then announce the winner and maybe point them to other things. You need compelling copy and compelling photos and carefully selected hashtags.

I will cover each of these posts over the next few days with some real examples - stay tuned 

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