The 100 Day Project

On Monday 2nd April I will start #the100dayproject on Instagram. The project is designed to help you focus on developing something creative over a period of 100 days using the project to help stay focused and on track. I am going to think outside the box a little with my project. I am not an artist and I don't create art but my project is all about art, artists, creatives, makers and supporting them to keep doing what they do sharing lots of ideas about how to go about promoting your craft online.

My partner @lucygell is a printmaker who has been selling her work on the road for many years but is relatively new to selling online. My partner's daughter Tabatha who is only 15 is at the beginning of her art career and is amazingly talented for her age as you will soon discover. Over several months I have been helping Lucy, I have begun to help others Lucy has put me in touch with and now I am also helping launch Tabatha.

I have been in the IT world for many years but in the creative world far fewer but in that time I have seen many creatives bursting with talent but scraping to make a living because they don't have the skills to market their talents.

This project is about writing down in the #100daysmarketingcreatives hashtag some of the knowledge I have picked up helping Lucy and others, structuring it to make it easier to follow and become more usable, sharing it with others through my project as well as learning from others. I hope it will further @lucygell with her printmaking, help launch Tabatha's art career and who knows where it might take me and what relationships I might form with others along the way? The project starts Monday April 2nd. Stay tuned!

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